“We’ve lived in our home for over 14 years and have had issues with water getting into our basement due to our drain being clogged by leaves and debris.  We’ve tried several different products that failed.  Ever since we’ve used the Drain Defender our basement has stayed dry. It does an outstanding job of keeping our drain clog-free, which allows the water to flow into the drain instead of our basement! I highly recommend the Drain Defender!”

Amy, Winchester VA

“It has worked amazingly well.

Paul, Wood Ridge NJ

“Before the Drain Defender, my husband and I would constantly check on our basement drain whenever it rained. We’d had three basement floods and several near misses in a few years! Even in the middle of a rainy night, we’d wake up anxiously and have to drag ourselves out of bed to find the drain mostly clogged. We’d get soaked clearing it, only to get up an hour later and check it again. The Drain Defender is everything we needed it to be. It works! And best of all we are not tramping outside in the rain, or worse, pulling up wet carpet and padding and wondering how much the fix is going to cost this time. We highly recommend!

Heather, Ashburn VA

Installed it the day we got it and it works great.  We installed it in our basement step drain that always gets backed up from mulch and other yard items and clog up the drain causing the water to rise up past the basement door.  Since we installed it we have not had any problems with keeping the drain clear.  The drain is about 1/2 inch lower than the concrete so we just have to make sure it is positioned correctly so it stays in place.  We would certainly recommend your product to others having the same problems.

Scott, Church Hill, MD

The DD is doing great, standing tall and protecting the basement. It is a wonderful feeling to NOT have to run down to the basement in the middle of the night to check the drain during a heavy rain.

Stacey, Hanover, MD

We bought the drain defender back in July and it kept our basement dry the rest of the summer!!!! Well worth every penny!

Katie, Woodbridge, VA