Drain DefenderDrain Defender

Drain Defender

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Two stage outdoor drain filter to avoid clogs and flooding during rain storms.

Product Color:

Grey Reinforced Cover | Dark Grey Perforated Strainer

Product Dimensions and Weight:

Diameter : 11 ¼”
Height : 1 ¾”
Weight: 1.0 lb.

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2 reviews for Drain Defender

  1. Elizabeth Price

    Having tried several different products for our walkout basement drain, I found the “Drain Defender” to be the very best one by far! Just snap the two filters together and place on the drain – super simple. The larger outer filter made from strong PVC blocks the larger debris and the inner flexible filter serves to block out the smaller debris. Together they do a great job of blocking any type of debris such as leaves, twigs, grass, seeds, flower buds, etc. After several large thunderstorms, there has been absolutely no issue of flooding. Every other drain product we tried required constant vigilance and cleaning – this one is truly better!

  2. Ben Lawson

    Soon after moving into our house a couple years ago, we realized that the drain at the bottom of our exterior basement stairs was going to be a problem. We’d only been in the house for a few months when the basement flooded because the drain cover became clogged by floating debris during a rainstorm. Every time that it would rain after that, I would worry about the basement flooding again and constantly check the drain. I’ve had more than one night ruined by a thunderstorm, when I would run to the basement and frantically clear leaves and other clutter off the drain before the water level rose too high. When going out of town, seeing any rain in the forecast at home would make me nervous that I’d be coming home to a ruined basement.I looked all over for a solution, but was surprised to find that there didn’t seem to be anything out there for this problem. The Drain Defender has changed all of that! It prevents my drain from becoming clogged and I no longer have to worry. No more late night ventures into the rain to clear it out. Installation couldn’t have been easier…it just fits right on top of your existing drain cover. I would highly recommend this product to anyone experiencing flooding problems due to drain blockage.

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