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What inspired the Drain DefenderR outdoor drain cover? Two of my previous homes with walkout basement drains had suffered basement flooding damage following heavy rainfalls. When I discovered soggy carpet in the basement of my third home after a short downpour, I discovered that a mere handful of grass was all it took to clog the outdoor stairwell drain. I swiped away the grass, and the water promptly swirled down the drain. The next several hours were spent sopping up water, setting up fans, and buying a $300 dehumidifier, all because of a handful of grass.

Scouring the internet turned up only ill-suited permanent outdoor drain products that clearly wouldn’t have been effective at resisting clogs. I tried to imagine re-purposing and combining solutions, but little seemed promising. Lengthy exchanges found on several community forums made it clear that I was not alone in my quest, with frustrated bloggers reporting repeated flooding, expensive damage, and even mold! They all were disappointed by the wide array of suggestions they had tried – everything from homemade outdoor metal drain grates to plywood stairwell covers! The existing basement well outdoor drain covers simply weren’t up to the task. This was a problem in search of a solution.

So, I applied 35 years of engineering experience to develop an effective two-stage, common sense design concept for a new outdoor drain leaf cover. After many thoughtful hours and the help of a manufacturing design specialist, Drain Defender was born. The goal was a low cost, effective, simple-to-install outdoor drain cover that had the potential to save hours of aggravation and thousands of dollars. Mission accomplished.

Drain Defender’s low cost, two-stage filtration features are ready-to-go, straight from the box. Our outdoor drain cover fits comfortably over most outdoor drains, with no installation required. Keep leaves, grass, pine needles, spring blossoms, and other debris from clogging the drain and flooding your home. No more water damage, soggy carpets, moldy baseboards, or basement surprises. Drain Defender has been rigorously tested with the same consistent result – barely an inch of stairwell water accumulation in the face of 100-year rainfall rates and gobs of every kind of yard debris imaginable. Explore our American engineering to see why Drain Defender is the best outdoor drain cover.

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