When storms strike, basements flood.

Keep yard debris away, avoid flood damage, and minimize expensive drain clean-outs with Drain Defender, the outdoor drain cover.

A must-have for walkout basements!

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Demonstration of Drain Defender outdoor floor drain cover keeping yard clippings from yard drain

Simply place over your existing drain and let it rain.

No installation required!

Fits most drains up to 8.5” diameter, or 6” square.

Pipe drains are easily clogged by grass, leaves, blossoms, pine needles, and twigs – but not with our exterior drain guard: Drain Defender.

See Our Outdoor Drain Cover in Action:

See Our Outdoor Drain Cover in Action

Water reaches a depth of 6″ with only 1 oz. of yard debris

With Drain Defender

With Drain Defender
Water barely reaches 1″ with 10 oz. of yard debris (10x as much!)

With Drain Defender, the water doesn’t reach flooding depth!

Two-Stage Filtration

Installs in seconds, without tools!

Two Stage Filtration
Outside drain covers by Drain DefenderOutside drain covers by Drain DefenderOutside drain covers by Drain Defender

Are you prepared for flood damage?

Preparation for Flood Damage

It could happen to you

According to the Insurance Information Institute, 1 in 50 insured homes will have a water damage claim this year.

Average Claim: $7,800 from 1

Average Claim: $7,800 from 1″ to 4″ of water

Pump out the water, thoroughly dry, treat for mold, and replace damaged flooring, drywall, furniture, and personal belongings. What a mess!

Ask the experts

Ask the experts

“There is a high degree of certainty that the heaviest precipitation events will increase everywhere, and by large amounts.”

– US National Climate Assessment

Avoid the flood.

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